Cities in Sync

Cities in Sync

Booth #: 618, 619, 620, 621, 623, 625, 627

Cities in Sync is a Canadian collaboration between three vibrant cities: St. John’s, Saskatoon and Victoria. We work together to provide planners with an efficient tool to book their meetings in rotation from east to west with ease, while receiving added value and benefits. Together we offer professional services and dynamic teams that collaborate to help you achieve your meeting objectives with success!

Booth Contact

Krista Cameron (Canada East), Candace Schierling (Central), Miranda Ji (Canada West)

Benefits to Associations

1. Take the guess work out of your rotation and select destinations that work together to ensure the success of your meeting.
2. Distribute a single RFP and receive combined proposals for 3 destinations.


1. To market the incredible Cities in Sync program.
2. Meet with associations for business opportunities.