Jeff Horne

Jeff Horne

Founder and CEO, Wicket

Jeff runs Wicket, a software company bringing a new approach to membership data management as well as Industrial, a digital agency that has worked with associations for 18 years to deliver highly effective online solutions. He firmly believes in the use of small, modern, cloud-based technology solutions as part of a forward-thinking digital strategy.

The Future Is Now: Leveraging Modern Technology to Increase Member Engagement and Create Operational Efficiencies

Friday, October 264
Time: 10:05 AM to 11:05 AM

There are so many trends and buzzwords today: cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, software as a service. As an association leader, how do you make sense of it all? And, most importantly, how can you effectively leverage technology to increase engagement and retention with your membership? This session will explore how Speech-Language & Audiology Canada SAC has adopted a modern approach to technology, and is leveraging a suite of software to better serve their membership, increase engagement, and provide internal efficiencies for their staff. Explore the pitfalls of the traditional approach to membership software and how you can future proof your association through a flexible technology strategy

Learning Objectives

  • Explore today's technology landscape and approaching trends
  • Discover how and why to leverage data to make informed decisions
  • Discuss how to create a technology strategy aligned to your operational goals and the changing role of the IT manager


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