Nancy Mayer

Nancy Mayer

Chief Games Officer, Power Play Productivity Solutions

Nancy Mayer has worked with top thought leaders in the Lean and Agile communities internationally. She helps her clients use visual thinking, design thinking and gamification to get measurable results. Her clients include the BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada), CSI (Centre for Social Innovation) and a variety of not-for-profit social ventures. She is the author of The Advisory Board Playbook.

Three Secret Strategies of Software Giants to Future-Proof Your Association

This session will be offered as a webinar to all full conference delegates. Webinar details:
October 30, 2018 
2:00pm-3:00pm EST
All full conference delegates will receive a link via email to access the webinar.

This session provides an overview of key business processes to prepare your association for a future of continuous change. Borrowing from the best practices in software development, you’ll explore how Agile Methodology, Design Thinking, and Gamification can be applied to achieve innovative and collaborative solutions within your own organization. These methodologies can improve strategic planning, increase team engagement, and help solve complex problems faster. You’ll have an opportunity to explore the theory behind each process and also experience them through hands-on, interactive exercises.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore visual thinking tools and techniques to develop innovative solutions
  • Examine design thinking tools and techniques and their application
  • Discover how gamification strategies can speed up your processes while also improving team engagement


Optimize Governance | Establish Organizational Direction | Deliver Value to Members and Stakeholders