Natalie Wallace, CAE

Natalie Wallace

Account Manager, Redstone Agency Inc.

Natalie Wallace, CAE, went to school for Theatre Studies yet landed in the world of associations. She has been in the association industry for just under 6 years now. You can easily recognize her for her wild and always changing hair colour, and she has a fond love for table top games, comic books, and anything to do with nerd culture. She is currently chair of the CSAE Trillium Network YP Committee and the holiday gala.

Cultivating Connections to Prepare Future Leaders

Wednesday, October 24
Time:  1:45 PM to 3:15 PM

This presentation will look at innovative ways to offer association mentorship opportunities without a huge financial investment. The session will focus on knowledge transfer between current and future leaders, exploring how reciprocal mentorship can be a useful tool in this process. Reciprocal mentorship is a relationship structure that harnesses the power of mentoring into a mutually beneficial relationship where each participant takes turns being the mentor and the mentee. Whereas traditional mentorship models focus on a one-way transfer of knowledge, reciprocal mentorship breaks this model to focus more on the ideas and knowledge being shared versus the structure of the relationship. The presentation will feature two-minute mentoring moments (speed mentoring with a twist!) to assist future and current leaders in cultivating connections. Practice skills during the session and throughout the conference.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover what key skills current leaders value the most in potential future leaders
  • Examine what young professionals look for in terms of coaching and mentoring relationships
  • Explore the value of knowledge transfer and reciprocal mentorship
  • Discover informal methods for mentoring and identify strategies to support application of the knowledge


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