Nora Young

Keynote Speaker, Nora Young

Host of CBC Radio’s Spark | Author of The Virtual Self

Nora Young is an informed and ideal guide for anyone looking to examine -- and plan for -- the ever-changing high-tech landscape; she helps audiences understand trends in social media, big data, wearable tech and more, while showing them how to better protect their privacy in our increasingly digital world. The host and creator of Spark on CBC Radio, and the author of The Virtual Self, she demystifies technology and explains how it is shaping our lives and the larger world in which we live.

Young was the founding host of CBC Radio’s Definitely Not The Opera, where she often discussed topics related to new media and technology. Her work has appeared online, on television, and in print. Along with Cathi Bond, she has been a hobby podcaster of The Sniffer since 2005. Her favourite technology is her bicycle.

Moderating Keynote Panel

Thursday, October 25
Time: 8 AM to 10 AM

Moderated by broadcaster and tech journalist Nora Young, this panel explores how the changing technological landscape affects Canadian not-for-profit organizations and the constituents they serve. Three CEOs will share their experiences and reflections on how their respective associations have been adapting to the rapid pace of change, yielding insights on how associations and other not-for-profits make the operational decisions that shape how we do our work. Further, panelists will share their unique perspectives on everything from what’s coming in Canada’s technology sector, to how digital health initiatives are shaping Canadian healthcare, to considerations on how organizations can better serve our country’s most vulnerable populations.


Abdullah Snobar – Executive Director of the DMZ, a tech accelerator based out of Ryerson University.

Maya Roy – CEO of YWCA Canada.

Ahmad Zbib, MD – CEO of the Canadian Rheumatology Association.