National Speakers Bureau

National Speakers Bureau

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National Speakers Bureau is a catalyst for new ideas by connecting you with thought-leaders who inspire, inform and engage. We represent North America’s best roster of news makers and icons on the speaking platform for your conferences and events. One of North America’s Original Speakers Bureaus, we’ve been representing leading speakers for 45 years.

Booth Contact

Jeanne-Marie Robillard




Benefits to Associations

1. We're your partners all the way through. With over 45 years of experience, we help you cut through the clutter to get the best possible thought-leaders for your event.
2. We bring you the newest, in-demand speakers and topics so that your programming is fresh, timely and relevant.


1. Expand our network of CSAE contacts.
2. Share in the learning & discussions around what topics CSAE members are looking to explore in their upcoming programming.

Conference Memories

Dancing in the streets in Ottawa, learning Leadership from General Dallaire, winning the Griner many great memories!