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We offer impeccable language solutions on a global scale. Our bespoke language services break language barriers and allow our clients to communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world-- seamlessly. Our award winning team is made up of seasoned linguists that are experts in a diverse set of fields.

Our services include: Translation of documents; Simultaneous interpretation for meetings and events; Bilingual conference calls & webinars; Interpretation equipment rentals

Booth Contact

Christine Georger




Benefits to Associations

1. Exemplary customer service – we take the time to understand our clients needs and remember their preferences.
2. We are ISO certified. This ensures peace of mind for our clients- our business procedures are sound and our translators and interpreters are evaluated and coached on an annual basis.


1. Stay current on the language needs of Associations.
2. Make new connections with Associations who make use of translation and interpretation services.

Conference Memories

Hosting the National Conference in 2012; the Ottawa dance team performance at the closing event.